Auto repair shop and vehicle servicing in Dubbo

At Dubbo Heavy Towing & Salvage, we can conduct all mechanical servicing and repairs from our fully equipped Dubbo workshop.

Our team can provide:

We can carry out these services on vintage vehicles, cars, trucks and boats.

Call today to book your vehicle in for a service or repair work.

Servicing & Repairs

Keep your vehicle servicing up to date with Dubbo Heavy Towing & Salvage. Our licensed mechanics will complete all repairs and servicing to the manufacturers specifications.

We conduct full safety checks and standard changes of oil, filters, fluids and coolant. We’ll also inspect and perform necessary mechanical repairs to your brakes, clutch, transmission, exhaust, timing belt, suspension, engine and more.

If you’ve noticed something wrong with your vehicle, let us know so we can investigate while under the hood.

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Radiator Repair

Travelling throughout the outback can be dry and damaging on your radiator. Without regular cleaning your radiator can pick up dust, dirt and debris that could cause major damage if left unattended.

At Dubbo Heavy Towing & Salvage, we can perform maintenance and repair to keep your vehicle safely on the road.

Typical signs you need a radiator inspection:

Exhaust System

Your exhaust plays a vital role in your vehicle’s function. It works to reduce engine noise and pollution, while improving performance and fuel economy.

If you notice that your exhaust system is rattling, louder than usual, expelling an unusual smell or is leaking, book your vehicle in for an inspection. Since your exhaust works to keep harmful gases from the cabin we recommend acting as soon as you notice a problem.


At Dubbo Heavy Towing & Salvage, we have a Tradequip sandblasting cabinet in our workshop. Sandblasting is a quick and safe way to remove debris from metals and produce a better finish than chemical stripping or sanding.

Our skilled technicians utilise the sandblasting cabinet to clean vehicle parts that are heavily soiled. We can also use it to strip rust and old paint.

Registration Checks

If you require a registration check and safety inspection, bring your vehicle to Dubbo Heavy Towing & Salvage.

Our mechanics can conduct a thorough inspection and perform any necessary repairs or maintenance to ensure your vehicle meets all regulations.